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People using e-commerce websites

Interested in setting up your own online store? Do you have a great product you would like to sell online?

ProCraft Web Services is a Long Island company that designs, sets up and services full-featured online store websites. We provide affordable e-commerce solutions designed to bring online success.

We provide complete set up and customization of full-featured e-commerce websites. We also provide maintenance and marketing support for your e-commerce website.

Your online store will include all the essential features to create a great online shopping experience for your customers. Your store can be customized with any additional features you may need.

An online store will allow you to substantially grow your market. Why just sell locally, when you can offer and sell your products to anyone in the USA, or even the world, and be open to sell 24 hours a day.

The e-commerce websites we build include all the features your customers would expect to find on popular e-commerce sites.

Our E-Commerce Websites Include:

  • Custom product categories to organize your products
  • Product pages with photos and descriptions
  • Product reviews and related product listings
  • Products on sale and discount coupon codes
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout page
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple shipping options
  • State sales tax calculation
  • Product inventory tracking
  • Order management system
  • Product returns handling system
  • Newsletter signup and sending
  • Optional customer accounts with login feature
  • An administration area that lets you manage your store. For example, you can add and remove products, change prices and descriptions, create product categories, put items on sale, anytime you want. We provide training and show you how.

E-Commerce Design Packages

Basic Package

  • Up to 25 products
  • Up to 10 product categories
  • Basic store design customization
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Up to 2 informational non-product pages
  • Contact form page
  • Up to 2 hours of training

Deluxe Package

  • No limit on products
  • No limit on product categories
  • Visual branding customization
  • Custom website store design and page design
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Up to 7 informational non-product pages
  • Contact form page
  • SEO optimization with keyword research
  • Custom graphics and photo enhancement
  • Business logo
  • Up to 5 Email accounts set up
  • Up to 5 hours of training
  • 1 year of hosting and support


The final budget for an e-commerce website is affected by many factors including how many different products and product categories you have, how much time is spent on customization, what specific features you want to add, and the amount of content you want to have on the website.

For example, you may want to offer special shipping options, or additional payment options. Your particular needs and specifications for your online store will all affect the amount of labor involved, and the final price for the project.

After getting your feedback and deciding on the options you require we will provide you with an upfront detailed price estimate for the entire project.

Choose the E-Commerce Platform that Works Best for Your Business

We design and build e-commerce websites using two platforms: Shopify and OpenCart. You can choose the type of e-commerce platform that is the best fit for your business and budget.


  • Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions right now, and one of the most affordable and easiest to use.
  • Shopify is an online service. Service fees start at 29.99 a month. There were more than 1 million merchants selling on Shopify.
  • Faster to set up and get your store up and running.
  • Shopify service also includes web hosting for your online store.
  • Design is a more standardized and more difficult to make major changes to design and layout of pages.
  • Adding new features is more limited and more expensive. Most add-on features require you to pay an additional ongoing monthly fee.


  • OpenCart is free open source software. It’s been used on nearly a million websites, and currently has over 340,000 active online stores using OpenCart. There is no monthly fee to use the software.
  • You need to get your own web hosting service to host your online store.
  • Greater freedom to customize your online store just the way you want, with only the features that work best for you.
  • Vast assortment of unique and specialized features can be added to your store.
  • Very easy and inexpensive to add new e-commerce features. Over 14,000 add-on extension are available that are inexpensive, and only require a one-time payment to purchase.

Why Choose Us

We can customize your online store any way you need, and can provide continuing support to keep it running smoothly.  We are a local Long Island business so we are available for continuing support of your online store.

We handle all the technical and security issues involved with setting up your online store.

We customize the design of your store to match your business brand and appeal to your customers.

We also customize the technical functions and e-commerce features of your online store to include unique features that will help you sell your specific products.

Your online store will include a full-featured administration area which gives you the power to manage and maintain your store any time you want. We provide training to you to make sure you know how to manage your store. We will show you how easy it is to add and update products, update pages, set up sales, and how to process orders.

How We Work

Time Required

An e-commerce website is much more involved than a marketing or informational type website. You can expect the whole process from start to finish to take at a minimum 6 weeks, but in most cases 12 weeks or more is more common.
Setting up a store’s products can be particularly time consuming. This includes getting photos and preparing descriptions for your products, and adding them to your store.

Outline of the Design and Building Process

  • Researching your business, industry and competitors. Look at reference material. Get your feedback on the design.
  • Determine visual design for your online store. Work with you to develop a custom design plan for the website, including choosing the specific look and style of your website. Decide on what graphic and photo elements will be needed and what they will look like.
  • Figure out what e-commerce features you want for your store to have. Research best option for adding each feature.
  • Develop your product information. At a minimum for the products you will sell in store you need to have product descriptions, and get photographs of your products.
  • The E-Commerce system needs be set up and the settings adjusted to your specifications. Any custom features you need are added and set up.
  • You online store needs to be organized. The product categories need to be established and added. The menu of store is created. Some online stores will heavily customize their product category pages.
  • The homepage is customized in a way to best showcase your store and engage visitors. You may add product display area such as featured products or new products. The homepage will frequently require creation of custom graphic elements such as slides or banner graphics.
  • The product pages are customized in terms of design and features to best sell your products. There are numerous possible options in terms of what content and features you can have for your product pages, for example having multiple product photos, videos, downloadable content, social sharing links, reviews, wishlists, and product options.
  • Entering product information. The time this takes will depend on how many products you have. Product information includes not only product descriptions and photos, but also model numbers, prices, and SEO information.
  • Set up your informational pages. An e-commerce store has many non-product pages that need to be set up. These include pages like About Us, Contact page, and store policy pages such as shipping, terms, and privacy policy
  • Checkout Setup. This includes deciding what type of shipping options you want to offer, and setting up those shipping options. You also will choose what payment options you will offer your shoppers. Usually payment options will require some work with the payment processing provider and additional work to adjust settings in your online store. If your store needs to charge sales tax that is additional component that needs to be set up with your state’s current sales tax rates.
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This involves finding the best ideas for keywords for your store and products. Then keyword research is performed to find the best keywords. The next step is taking those keywords and implementing them into the coding of your website and also in the page content as well.
  • Hosting Set Up. Web hosting is what makes your online store available to the world. We provide complete set up of your e-commerce website on your web hosting service. All your website files and setting are moved to your online host.
  • Email accounts to use with your store are created and set up.
  • Testing. All aspects of your store are tested. How it displays on different devices. Checking that the menu and links all work correctly. Finally, checkout and order process are tested including how shipping works, sales tax if used, and how payment processing works. Several test orders are made to confirm correct function.
  • Training. We provide training on how to manage your store using its administration area. For example, how to add and update products, add photos, set up a sale, and how to manage orders.