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Web Hosting & Email

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is a necessary requirement if you want your website to be on the internet.

Web hosting is the service that makes your website available to the world, and allows visitors to see your website on their smartphones and computers.

What is Web Hosting?

A website is essentially a collection of computer files that get interpreted by your web browser. If someone wants to see your website they have to access those files, and they will typically do that by using a web browser on their smartphone or computer.

Companies that provide web hosting services operate large data centers. These data centers have high speed, high data transfer connections to the internet. A data center contains a collection of special computers called servers. These servers have special software that gives them the capability to process requests to view a website from the outside world, and then to send out the appropriate files.

These web hosting companies rent out space on their computer servers, which allows you to place your website files on one of their servers. Once your website files are on one of the web host’s computer servers, your website is accessible by anyone from anywhere in the world through a web browser.

When someone wants to visit your website, and they put in your web address, their computer or smartphone connects with the server computer at your web host. Then your web host sends the appropriate webs site files to the visitor’s smartphone or computer, and this makes your website appear in the visitor’s browser.

You might be wondering how that visitor’s smartphone or computer knows how to find and connect to the specific web host server where your website files are stored? Your website domain takes care of this. A website domain is what tells a visitor’s smartphone or computer where to find your website files on the internet. Your domain acts like the address for your website files at the web host you are using, and passes this location information on to the smartphone or computer of anyone trying to view your website.

Web hosting is a requirement of having a website that can be viewed by the world. Without web hosting your website is not available or visible on the internet.

Features of Our Web Hosting

  • 99.99% website uptime
  • USA based East Coast data center
  • 50 GB of disk space using high performance solid state drives (SSD)
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Includes a SSL certificate for a secure website and encrypted data transfer
  • Database support
  • Free tech support
  • Up to 10 domain based email accounts with spam protection
  • Multiple levels of server-level security and monitoring
  • Hack and malware protection


Email is one of the oldest methods of commutation on the internet, and one of the easiest ways to communicate with potential and current customers.

Customers appreciate being able to reach a business through email. Also, email is still one of the most effective methods of online marketing you can do.

Our email services can provide you with one or more custom email accounts which will give you the greatest flexibility in using email for your business.

Domain Based Email Addresses

For the most professional image it is common to use a domain based email address, which in most cases would be based on the domain of your business website. It’s also common to set up several email accounts for different employees or different departments in your company.

For example, if you website domain was, you might have one or more business email accounts based on that domain such as:,, Your email accounts can be set up with any name or text identifier that you want.

Email Related Services We Offer

  • Email account set up.
  • Spam prevention filtering.
  • Adding email authentication to your email accounts.
  • Support to set up your smartphone or computer to access your email account.


Every website needs a domain name. Your website domain is what allows the public to easily find and reach your website. To visit a website you can type the domain into the browser’s address area, or you can click a link of the domain name.

Every domain is unique. It is common to have a domain name that is the name or your business, or related to your business in some way. It is recommended to add your domain to all your printed marketing materials, and also to your social media sites.

You get a domain by registering and buying the domain name from a domain registrar company. Once you register a domain name it’s yours to exclusively use. You can register a domain name for one or more years at a time. You need to remember to renew your domain when it is close to expiring.

Domain Related Services We Offer

  • Domain name idea development
  • Domain name search.
  • Domain name registration.
  • Setting up your domain name to work with your web hosting service.